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We’re harnessing the power of a naturally-derived, anti-fungal toenail and fingernail treatment that is topically administered and effectively attacks and destroys nail fungus (onychomycosis) whilst soothing surrounding tissues and repairing damaged skin. The fast-acting, patented-processing application penetrates deep into nail beds and has no known side effects that limits its use.

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When it comes to personal wellness and health-related issues, turn to our experienced podiatric specialists to get you moving and back on your feet with an effective treatment regimen. Nevertheless, finding highly knowledgeable foot and ankle specialist is paramount to your overall, holistic well-being.

The Foot Practice Podiatry Clinic is where you will receive specialised care for a wide range of foot conditions by internationally qualified podiatrists. From injury prevention and intervention advice to skin & nail treatments, our practitioners diagnose and treat not only your specific condition but also work towards alleviating future foot issues when recommending a therapeutic approach.


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How to Detect and Treat Nail Fungus or Onychomycosis?

How to Detect and Treat Nail Fungus or Onychomycosis?

The Onychomycosis Fungal Infection Explained Several fungi species affect human nails, specifically onychomycosis. Almost 10% of the global population suffers from this quickly rising pandemic condition. Unfortunately, the disorder often remains undertreated and...

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Patient-Centric Holistic Care

Patient-Centric Holistic Care

In today's modern language,  beaten-beyond-death buzzwords such as authenticity, self care, mindfulness, wellbeing, wellness, and holistic (that seem soon to be linked to honest John's “pre-loved” car sales) proliferate across brands, products and services. In...

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To Tech Or Not To Tech

To Tech Or Not To Tech

The recent Garmin ransomware hack kickstarted my thinking about my own burgeoning dependency and obsession with everything tech both in my podiatry practice and in my personal life. I received my first Garmin watch this past December following three flirtatious years...

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What do our podiatrists specialize in?

Whether you’re a professional athlete with a sports injury, sprained ankle, or lower leg pains or an older person suffering from diabetic foot or geriatric foot conditions, our podiatric practitioners will work towards the right treatment programme for your feet. Whether performing a Gait Analysis, surgical interventions, medical massages, custom-made orthotic insoles or treatment of skin & nail diseases – warts, calluses, corns, diseased nails, ingrown toe nails, and everything in between, The Foot Practice is here to get you back in full stance!

Don’t wait until your foot condition becomes so severe that prevention and intervention of ongoing or reoccurring injuries transitions to a chronic foot condition. Keep your feet healthy today. Book an appointment at one of our podiatry clinics.

    Here’s a detailed list of some of the foot health issues we deal with:
  • Ligament, muscle, and tendon sprains. Our qualified podiatrists can help you with any sprain grade. They will take all the necessary actions from performing an X-ray and applying an ACE wrap to the damaged area to prescribing medications to reduce inflammation. Ongoing ambulatory care through custom-made orthotics and arch supports.
  • Corns, ingrown toenails, and calluses. These conditions can be cured by surgical interventions like trimming away extra skin and damaged tissue. A less invasive approach involves the use of salicylic acid and antibiotics.
  • Joint and bone pain. We can curb inflammation caused by injuries or arthritis with ultrasound, medications, and cold laser therapy. In severe cases, our foot specialists can replace a joint or a bone with prostheses.
  • Skeleton deformation. At our foot clinics, our podiatrists can treat various problems related to abnormal gait and bone deformities. These include scoliosis, metatarsus varus, flat feet, cavus foot, and bunions.
  • Neurological conditions. We can ease the pain from Morton’s neuroma and diabetic neuropathy with medications, corticosteroids, and operations. Special shoe or custom orthotics may also bring you relief.
Corns and Calluses

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are thickened and hard areas of skin that happen when the skin protects itself against the pressure and friction of shoes or the ground. While they can look ugly, they are not dangerous and can easily be treated if they are...

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Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot

If you suffer from diabetes mellitus (type 1 or type 2), this means your blood sugar is too high over much of the time. High blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and nerves, starting with the foot. It can result in a loss of feeling in the foot...

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Flat Feet

Flat Feet

The medical term for “flat feet” is “pes planus” or sometimes we just call them “fallen arches. You are considered to have flat feet when the arches that give the foot its characteristic shape are flattened so that the whole sole of the foot...

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