June 21, 2017

Plantar Fasciopathy: The Ultimate Guide to Preventing and Curing Heel Pain

With the Christmas season fast approaching, do you really want the fun and joy of the holidays to be overshadowed by a crippling pain that shoots through your heels the moment you jump out of bed? I didn’t think so. But if you find yourself struggling with this sort of p...
June 21, 2017

Run To Strengthen or Strengthen To Run?

There are some things proven to reduce the risk of injuries, such as easing into training gradually, keeping your distances below 40 miles a week (Source), and wearing well-fitted shoes. Standard warm-up and cool-down exercises don’t make a difference to your risk of i...
June 8, 2017

What Causes Muscle Tightness?

Muscle tightness is so common that people tend not to take it seriously. It’s often dismissed as a natural consequence of ageing, or an annoying problem which runs in families. And that’s true, to a degree. But we can’t blame everything on factors outside our control,...
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