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Introduction Custom Insoles and Foot Orthotics

Walking and running are complex processes that we need to ensure so that our feet remain healthy and correctly function. If our feet are not adjusted correctly, foot movement can lead to pain, injuries, and foot deformities. One of the solutions at The Foot Practice is to recommend custom foot orthotics and custom insoles in Singapore to correct a foot’s function.


What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics slip into your shoe like insoles and are designed to stabilise and control the function of your foot and its alignment with your lower leg. Custom orthotics for your foot enable you to stand, walk, and run more efficiently and pain-free. Orthotics can treat or prevent injuries caused by excessive motion or the lack of motion in the foot and lower leg that may result in lower back pain.


When Does My Foot Need Custom Orthotics?

Feet can fit into three broad categories depending on how far the arch of your foot is from the ground when standing:

  • Normal feet have medium arches with around half of the foot arch touching the ground when standing. This typically means that the arch supports a person’s body weight and is an effective shock absorber.
  • Flat feet means either the entire sole or most of the sole comes into contact with the ground when standing. Without treatment, this may cause stress on a person’s feet or knees.
  • High-arched feet is when the arch of the foot is abnormally high so that when standing, only the ball and heel of the sole are in contact with the ground. This means that the arch will not act as an effective shock absorber when running.

With flat feet and high-arched feet, custom orthotics help with either the high impact on the arch or the lack of support from the arch.


How Do Orthotics Work?

Orthotics adjust your foot into a different position when standing, walking, or running to alleviate pain on specific parts of the foot. Basically, custom orthotics offload the pressure of each step. Through altering the pressure, custom orthotics can help correct larger issues with your lower limb and body alignment.


Why Custom Orthotics and Not Store-Bought Insoles?

Unlike ready-made shoe insoles bought from a store, custom insoles are individually personalized to suit the foot pain you are experiencing based upon your foot arch-type.

At The Foot Practice, a cast on your foot structure will be made and we will assess your lifestyle, symptoms, foot structure, and a range of other factors to ensure that you get the best custom orthotics that are perfect for your specific needs.

Various aspects of the orthotics can be adjusted or calibrated to suit different lifestyles. For example, custom foot orthotics may be:

  • Made of a rigid or semi-rigid material
  • Suitable for daily activities, work and sports
  • Used in the treatment of a painful condition resulting from poor foot function
  • Fitted with design features to help with very specific conditions (for example, pediatric or diabetic needs)
  • Adjusted to correct the function of the foot
  • Tailored to suit virtually every lifestyle and activity

The Foot Practice offers a range of alterations that may include plantar fascia grooves, heel apertures, first ray cutouts and metatarsal pads. These terms will be explained to you by our podiatrist if relevant to your orthotic needs.


Custom Foot Orthotics for Specific Requirements

Pediatric Orthotics

Orthotics for children are specifically designed to improve coordination, balance, posture and strength in the developing foot while assisting with painful symptoms.

To help control a very flexible developing foot, your child’s podiatrist at The Foot Practice can utilize different modifications such as a deep heel cup or a medial heel skive. Due to the rapidly changing shape and size of children’s feet, a child’s orthotics may need to be changed regularly.

The Foot Practice can produce a cost-effective custom insoles with a reduced need for durability to lower the price of your custom insoles in Singapore. Additionally, our podiatrists will ensure that the orthotic is comfortable for your child by using materials and top covers that are softer.


Total Contact Diabetic Orthotics

Custom made insoles in Singapore are very important for people with diabetes. This is because diabetes can lead to foot deformity, altered gait and abnormal pressures on bony areas of the foot. If left unmanaged, these constant pressures can lead to the development of calluses, and possibly ulceration.

The total contact orthotic is perfect for diabetics as it aims to improve the function of the foot but also provides cushioning and offloading to the areas of high pressure.Customizations of the orthotics’ rigidity or comfort can help reduce the long-term effects of diabetes on your foot and keep you walking healthy.


Orthotics for Women’s Shoes

At The Foot Practice, we have custom shoe insoles that are specifically made slim and thin to slip easily into women’s pumps or court shoes. Our signature Cobra design will not limit the selection of shoes, unlike many other orthotics due to their size and bulkiness.



Custom Cycling Orthotics

Beyond improving performance, custom cycling orthotics work as a rehabilitative device for injured cyclists and prevent injuries by spreading the pressure across the foot.

At The Foot Practice, our custom SPIN cycling orthotics are made with extremely lightweight carbon fibre orthotic designed to maximise cycling performance. Starting from just 1.8mm, the ultra-thin carbon orthotic provides the ultimate balance of weight and stiffness between your foot and the pedal.

Benefits from custom cycling orthotics include:

  • Maximising power transfer to the crank
  • Avoiding pins and needles and unwanted pressures through custom-made designs
  • Optimizing function and performance by stiffening the foot with individually corrected and contoured carbon orthotics

The Foot Practice partners with Footworks podiatric laboratory, the best custom orthotics manufacturer in Australian of high-quality custom orthotics, pre-cast orthotics and state-of-the-art cycling orthotics.

Our orthotic therapy solutions are customised to suit your needs, whether you’re an avid cyclist, runner, or simply anyone who experiences discomfort when walking. If you want to improve your gait and ultimately your overall health, make an appointment with The Foot Practice today for an assessment with our specialised podiatrist for your custom insoles in Singapore.