Total Contact Diabetic Orthotics

Orthotic Therapy for People with Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to foot deformity, altered gait and abnormal pressures on bony areas of the foot. These constant pressures can lead to the development of calluses, which can result in ulceration if not treated. Diabetic foot can become a serious condition without treatment.

The total contact orthotic aims to improve the function of the foot but also provides cushioning and offloading to the areas of high pressure. A soft, semi rigid or rigid material can be used as the base of the orthotic to provide better foot function whilst softer cushioning materials with accommodative modifications can be used to redistribute high pressure areas at the forefoot.

Orthotics for diabetic foot are different from other orthotics used to correct other conditions. Contact The Foot Practice today to find out more about the benefits of Total Contact Diabetes Orthotics.