Lower Leg and Foot Injuries

Introduction to Lower Leg and Foot Injuries

Mobility intrinsically relies on our lower legs and feet. A lower leg and foot injury can range from a mild inconvenience to severely debilitating if not treated properly and addressed early. At The Foot Practice, we provide tailored and specialised foot injury treatments for virtually every podiatric condition for adults and children alike.


What Are Common Foot Injuries?

In our daily lives, we encounter all sorts of foot injuries that can involve long and often painful healing processes. A podiatrist is an essential part in the treatment of your lower leg injuries and can both expedite that healing process and prevent recurrent injuries.
Typically, foot injuries are a result of consistent unnoticeable injuries that occur over a long periods that result in a more complex injury later. Some of them include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Bruising
  • Fractures
  • Puncture wounds
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis

These injuries have two things in common: first, they can lead to further complications if left untreated. Second, our podiatrists can help you adequately deal with them, either by working with you to prevent injuries or assisting you in the rehabilitative process.


How Can A Podiatrist Help With My Foot Injury?

The Foot Practice can assist you by providing you with exercises or treatment relevant to your specific injury.

  • Sprains. A sprain is the stretching or tearing of ligaments, occurring commonly in the ankle. Our podiatrist can provide you with mobility and strengthening exercises if you either prone to or have an ankle injury.
  • Bruising. If your feet frequently bruise, it could be either due to your footwear or your walking gait. Our podiatrist can provide a footwear assessment regarding correctly fitting shoes and assist you in correcting your gait.
  • Fractures. If there is a fracture in your foot, our podiatrist can assist you with the rehabilitative process. Through ongoing sessions to track your process, orthotic therapy can help re-align your balance. We can also conduct a 3D Gait Analysis to aid with the rehabilitation. These assessments will make sure your fracture does not compound into a larger injury.


How Does A Podiatrist Help With My Leg Pain?

Biomechanical issues throughout the body typically stem from issues with the feet, where undue pressure on the wrong sections of the foot forces the rest of the body to overcompensate creating imbalances that result in disabilities and pain. Often pain in the lower leg is due to a misalignment in the body’s lower limbs or posture.

The Foot Practice can help to correct your feet and re-align your lower legs to reduce or eliminate pain altogether with lower leg pain treatments. We implement different strategies to tackle the source of your pain, such as orthotic therapy, radial Shockwave Therapy, and 3D Gait Analysis. These are all viable and effective treatments for lower leg injuries in Singapore.


What is Gait Analysis?

Your gait is an essential part of understanding the biomechanics of your body to address current injuries and prevent future lower limb injuries. The Foot Practice’s podiatrists will utilize advanced technology to analyse your gait with a digital 3D biomechanical assessment to provide detailed recommendations to re-align and decrease imbalances in the body.

Through our advanced 3D Gait Analysis, our podiatrists can observe misalignments in your feet or legs, measure the range of motion in your joints, and test your muscle strength and flexibility.

For top athletes, consistent training sometimes results in injuries with long recovery. Prevention and intervention is key. With our advanced technology, The Foot Practice can identify potential issues and work with athletes to adjust gait to improve sports performance.

If you have a lower leg or foot injury, make an appointment with The Foot Practice today for foot injury treatment in Singapore, so you can be back and on your feet!

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