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Introduction to Paediatric Podiatry in Singapore

A paediatric podiatrist in Singapore specializes in treating specific conditions of a child’s foot. Essentially we’re a foot doctor for kids, but instead we examine a child’s ability to do simple day-to-day activities, like walking or running, without the limitation of pain.

Why Should My Child See A Paediatric Podiatrist?

Did you know you can bring your child to a foot doctor for kids from as early as 2 years old? It’s important for your child to start seeing a podiatrist at a young age if you suspect any issues with walking. Prolonged imbalance in the feet can lead to lower limb misalignment, potentially creating pain or discomfort for your child as they grow older.

At a younger age, a child’s foot is more malleable since the bones and relationship to movement patterns are still developing. A paediatric podiatrist for infants can provide important adjustments to your child’s foot. Following an assessment or gait analysis, The Foot Practice can recommend tips on footwear or prescribe orthotic therapy for the treatment of abnormal foot conditions.

What Conditions Can A Pediatric Foot Specialist Treat?

Specific abnormal conditions are more prevalent in children’s feet. These include:

  • In-toeing/pigeon toeing or out-toeing. This happens when the feet either point inwards or outwards when walking or running leading to undue pressure on the calves and knees.
  • Flat Feet. Children are born with flat feet and the foot arch develops as they grow older. This arch may not always develop, leading to pain and discomfort for the child.
  • Bowed legs or bowlegs. This is when the child’s knees bend outwards. Like flat feet, this is normal in young children especially under 2 years old as they learn to walk, but can create significant issues if the condition isn’t treated as a child matures.

Not all conditions are noticeably visible by an untrained eye. At The Foot Practice, we can conduct specific walking gait analysis on your child to identify unseen foot conditions that may lead to future problems not addressed at an early age.

Why Should My Child Undergo Gait Analysis?

From our experience, specific testing of gait – movement patterns or manner of walking – can benefit your child’s foot health. We use specific testing techniques to diagnose and provide essential treatment options based upon your child’s needs. In some cases, closely monitoring children’s foot growth is all that is necessary. Stretching and strengthening exercises to assist with lower limb health may be recommended as part of an overall treatment plan to correct misalignments to improve walking habits.

What Can Pediatric Podiatry Do For My Child?

The Foot Practice’s podiatrists treat a plethora of foot conditions that may affect infants, children and teenagers from plantar warts and ingrown toenails to sports injuries. After assessing your child’s feet, our podiatrist can suggest treatment options specific to your child’s conditions:

  • General assessment of the foot and lower limb
  • Chidlren’s footwear advice
  • Gait analysis for children
  • Review and treatment of sports injuries
  • Diagnosis and management of paediatric skin and nail disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb pain
  • Management of flat feet/ high-arched feet
  • Advice regarding in-toeing (toes pointing inward)
  • Advice on out-toeing (toes pointing outwards)

The use of children’s custom insoles can provide the additional support needed for kids to walk, run, jump and play. Orthotics are a form of insoles, that are customised to suit your child’s needs. Orthotics can be used to help your child with in-toeing or out-toeing by providing support underneath the foot. They are also often used with flat feet to provide arch support and help the arch develop.

For toddlers and children with low muscle tone, intervention with braces can help children who struggle with walking or stability due to pronation, or the way your foot rolls inwards for impact distribution.

If you are concerned for your child’s foot health and are looking to learn about interventions and prevention of future injuries, make an appointment with The Foot Practice today with our paediatric podiatrist in Singapore.