Custom Orthtics (For Adults)


We’ve made it simpler for The Foot Practice’s clients to re-order custom made orthotics. Your prescription orthoses will be designed with the same quality control processes and procedures to accurately produce your custom made insoles with tolerances of no more than one micron. The only difference is that you can order at your convenience at anytime from anywhere. Enter your customer code from the underside of your custom orthotics on the on the checkout page.

For new clients, receive a special introductory package, which includes an initial assessment and custom orthotics by clicking here.

Additional information


Custom software and manufacturing technology means “close enough” is never “good enough”.


Your prescriptions are always designed by a podiatrist. No other provider in Australia is able to offer this type of dedicated service.

Man Vs Machine

Even though initially your orthotics are produced by machines, all post processes are carefully crafted by the hands of our skilled production staff.


Only the highest quality Polypropylene, Carbon Fibre and EVA are used.


Our refined design and CNC techniques enable your prescriptions to be accurately produced with tolerances of no more than one micron.


Our closely monitored quality control processes and procedures means our track record of product returns is close to zero.