Custom Orthoses


We’ve made it simpler for existing clients to re-order custom-made orthoses without having to come into The Foot Practice clinic. Your prescription orthoses will be designed with the same quality control processes and procedures to accurately manufacture your prescription with tolerances of no more than one micron. Existing clients can reorder custom orthoses without an appointment. On the checkout page, simply enter the code found on the underside of current orthoses prescription.

For new clients without an existing orthoses prescription with The Foot Practice, make an appointment for an initial consultation.

Additional information

Designed by Specialists

Your prescriptions are always designed by a podiatrist.

Man vs Machine

Even though initially your orthoses are produced by machines, all post processes are carefully crafted by the hands of our skilled production staff.

Quality Material

Only the high-quality bioplastic polyamide 11 (PA 11) made from 100% renewable origins is used in the manufacturing of the orthoses.


Our closely monitored quality-control processes and procedures accurately produces the orthoses with tolerances of no more than one micron.


Our closely monitored quality control processes and procedures means our track record of product returns is close to zero.