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SPIN Custom Cycling Orthoses is a solution for the cyclist seeking the optimal set-up for performance. The cycling orthoses are made from an extremely lightweight carbon-fibre. The ultra-thin and lightweight material starts from just 1.8mm to provide the ultimate balance of weight and stiffness between your foot and the pedal. Fitted for maximum comfort to avoid pins and needles of unwanted pressures, the custom orthoses are contoured for your individual prescription.

Our custom foot orthoses solution for the cyclists includes an Initial Assessment with a podiatrist who specializes in sports podiatry and a pair of SPIN lightweight carbon fibre orthotic designed to maximise performance.

For new orders, an initial consultation and assessment is required with our experienced podiatrists. Once the order has been placed, one of our associates will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for your appointment.

Additional information

Custom Design

Ever angle is specifically considered. From the shape of the foot, to the often restrictive space of a hard-shelled cycling shoe.


Keeping in touch with cycling technology, our cycling orthotics are manufactured using moisture resistant covers and carbon fibre shells.

Manufacturing Tolerances

The refined design and CNC techniques enable your orthotics to be accurately produced with tolerances of no more than one micron.


Our closely monitored quality control processes and procedures means our track record of product returns is close to zero.