It is often the small things that can cause discomfort and reduced quality of life.

We don’t understand how important our feet are until we are unable to walk or wear shoes without pain. The Foot Practice can assess, diagnose and treat an array of foot and lower limb conditions, both common and rare.

Whether you have painful corns, thickened and difficult to cut nails, or pain due to arthritic changes to the joints in your feet, our podiatrists can help you.
Here at The Foot Practice, we also provide wellness and maintenance examinations such as diabetic neurological and circulatory foot screening and education for the prevention of diabetic foot complications.
The Foot Practice can provide the following podiatry services:

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common conditions treated at The Foot Practice. Our treatment is safe and effective, often being undertaken as day surgery. Although surgery can take place during the first consultation, patients are encouraged to contact us first to discuss their problem.

Corns are areas of hard skin caused by prominent bony lumps and bumps, often in association with claw and hammertoes deformities. In most cases, corns can be permanently removed with excellent cosmetic results and relief from painful symptoms.

Having thickened, discoloured and stained nails are signs of fungal infected toenails. Depending on the severity, we treat the nail using standard effective protocol, usually by removing the fungal and applying anti-fungal nail lacquer.

Varruca (or plantar warts) are a contagious (viral) and usually painful wart on the sole of the foot. The Foot Practice sees many patients who are frustrated with the condition, having tried all manner of treatments at other clinics. We are pleased that we have an extremely high success rate with our formula for the management of plantar warts.

Footwear Assessment & Advice
A large proportion of patients who attend clinic on a daily basis will wear ill-fitting shoes. Wearing shoes smaller and narrower than the feet is associated with hammer toes, hallux valgus deformity and foot pain. Incorrectly fitting footwear may be a significant contributing factor associated with forefoot pathology and foot pain.

Each of our practitioners are qualified to educate on sports shoes, provide diabetic foot care advice or even give advice on general footwear and good places in and around Singapore to purchase appropriate footwear.



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